24th April 2014 7:03
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Ayaka is so cute! And so are her puppies! She just shot a video for “Niji iro”! I hope her puppies come out in too! I can’t wait to see it…yay new singles and stuff to look forward to!

24th April 2014 1:17
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"Niji Iro" to be released as a single 6/18!!!!!

YAY! I was wondering what was happening with this song! The single will come in a total of three versions, including a special fan club edition. The first will be just the song, (and I believe another song or instrumental version) the second will be that, along with a dvd. (“undecided content”). The fan club version will include a 15 minute dvd of the planning for her Room Ayaka Vol.2 event that she is having in a few weeks. How awesome! I wish they would just make those concerts into dvds, because.. I mean… We all need that. Haha. :)

21st April 2014 7:23
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Ayaka hard at work!

20th April 2014 22:10
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20th April 2014 22:10
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this is always going to be one of my favorite pictures of her!

19th April 2014 16:37
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Ayaka and her cute puppies!!

18th April 2014 9:56
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AYAKA (絢香) - We All Live Under the Sky ( みんな空の下 / Minna Sora No Shita)  

16th April 2014 21:00
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15th April 2014 17:05
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Why - Ayaka (Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core)

14th April 2014 16:48
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Omg, is that on sale right now???

Sadly, no. That’s one of the many (super super SUPER adorable) concert goods for the upcoming fanclub events. The picture is from her fanclub site, but I posted it because you can hardly see her, haha. I wish we could go see her performances and buy everything because ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!